Living in Hope is the feature film debut from director/writer team John Miller and Guy de Beaujeu. A clever comedy about student life, the film stars the best of Britain's new wave of exciting acting talent including Tom Harper, Robin Edwards, Liam McMahon, Paul Foster, Bennet Thorpe and Naomie Harris.

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Sunday, May 01, 2005
Guy has just returned from a month in and around Texas shooting a road movie/indie doc about two poets called Looking for the Lone Star. He managed a side trip to LA and the team now has major Hollywood casting director Tricia Wood (currently casting MI3) on board for the new feature There's Nothing to it (TN2i).

TN2i will be made as a Canadian/UK co-production with Halifax-based Chronicle Pictures. Principle photography is scheduled to start in late sumer 2005.

Guy is also working with Bristol director Barry Hecker on a Memento-esque psychological drama called Tagged.
posted by Guy de Beaujeu

Monday, October 04, 2004
(past present future) Imperfect is complete. It's being sold world wide by sales agents Moviehouse. Some sales to Europe already under our belt. LiH has been picked up by Limelight Films in LA (Kiera Chaplin's production/distribution company), so we hope for some US sales soon. Naomie's in Trauma and just finished After the Sunset with Pierce Brosnan and Woody Harrelson, Tom's scouting movies in LA, Liam and Paul have been treading the boards in London theatreland and Robin got married.

Guy is working on putting together a Canadian co-production called There's Nothing to it with Chronicle Pictures to shoot May/June 2005.

posted by Guy de Beaujeu

Friday, February 20, 2004
Guy is just back from shooting what must rate as one of the speediest features of all time. (past present future) IMPERFECT was shot in 2 weeks on HD. It stars our very own Tom Harper alongside some great British talent including Rupert Frazer, Sorcha Cusack, Nicholas Irons and Stuart Bunce. There's a new website coming at www.ppfi.co.uk. The film follows the return from travelling of the youngest son of a devon family, back with his new black girlfriend.

Filming took place entirely on location at Huntsham Court in Devon which comes with its own pet ghost seen by at least 3 of the cast & crew. We hope to have it ready for the Cannes film fest in May.

posted by Guy de Beaujeu

Thursday, November 06, 2003
THE DVD HAS ARRIVED! And it's available right now in the LiH shop. It's also available at www.play.com, HMV and WH Smith among others. The DVD comes with a FREE CD SOUNDTRACK by the fabulous Supertoys, featuring all the music from the film (including the title track by the gorgeous Sophie Lechner) and some choice sound bites.

The DVD features various extras including interviews with John Miller (director) and Guy de Beaujeu (writer), Supertoys' music video, the trailer voiced by Snatch fav Alan Ford, not to mention chats with the four leading lads. There's even an interview with composer Nick de Carlo.

Further congrats are due to Naomie who is currently filming After the Sunset (what a title) in The Bahamas opposite Pierce Brosnan. The film also stars Salma Hayek and Woody Harrleson.
posted by Guy de Beaujeu

Thursday, June 26, 2003
It's official. We've made some sales, it seems LiH is going down a storm in Eastern Europe. Writer/producer Guy has returned from travelling, much to director John's amazement. The DVD release has been delayed to coincide with the new academic year and will be in all good entertainment shops in early October 2003. It will also be available for rental too. Not content with just a simple DVD, lucky punters will also get a CD soundtrack featuring Supertoys and Sophie Lechner for free. John is now series producer at BBC Bristol and will soon be too important to come and work on Fluidity's next feature project Past, Present, Future, Imperfect.

Congrats to Naomie Harris (Ginny) who has the launch of 28 Days Later in the US in early July and who has just completed filming Trauma with Colin Firth (who you'll remember also worked with Tom Harper last year). Doesn't he get around.

posted by Guy de Beaujeu

Monday, December 16, 2002
For some reason the crew credits have disappeared from the website. All were stars, but special mentions should go to:
DoP - Terry Flaxton
Production designer - Charlotte Humpston
Costume designer - Claire Brett
Production mananger - Elly Kilroy
Editor - Nick Packer
posted by Guy de Beaujeu

Tuesday, November 05, 2002
Recent Press Quotes

“At last an authentic blast of anarchy. Should be an essential staple in every student's portfolio.” James Christopher – The Times
“Living in Hope is a welcome relief from the likes of Van Wilder. It’s a vibrant rites of passage movie, bursting with humour and energy and boasting some of the best of the UK’s young acting talent…” Michael Walsh – Belfast Telegraph
“…Living in Hope looks terrific, brims with talent, and bodes well for the future of feature film-making in the city.” Robin Askew – Venue Magazine
“Living in Hope has decidedly more substance than your average gross-out movie…de Beaujeu’s dialogue is surprisingly good, with some pretty funny gags along the way.” Vicky Frost – Bristol Evening Post
“…fun, well-filmed and superbly cast. If you are, have ever been, or are thinking about being a student, this is well worth a watch.” Tim Hemmings – Student 123
“Without a doubt, the funniest student film I have ever seen.” Charlotte Laudat (student reviewer) – Student 123
“Living in Hope is an energy-packed, poignant comedy of student life.” Michael Walsh – Belfast Telegraph Extra
“…a smart, streetwise comedy that takes a wilfully ironic look at student life… entertaining, touching and very funny…” Jordan Cullen - Tyrone Times
posted by Guy de Beaujeu

Wednesday, July 24, 2002
Congratulations to:
Naomie Harris (Ginny) who since making LiH has starred as the leading lady in Danny Boyle's new feature 28 Days Later, the feature adaptation of Zadie Smith's White Teeth (C4) and The Project - the Peter Kosminsky-directed BBC feature that got the government all het up.

Liam McMahon (Liam) has just voiced the lead character in a new multi-million pound animation series from the makers of King Rollo and Mr Benn called The Little Penguin for Nickelodeon. It is to be screened in the US and Britain early next year.

Tom Harper (Posh) has returned to Bristol to star in Mrs Warren's Profession opposite Isla Blair at the Bristol Old Vic. The show and Tom have garnered rave reviews with Lynn Garner describing Tom's efforts as 'equisitely judged'. Since LiH he's been slaving at the Royal Shakespeare Company in between coming to Cannes to help us promote the film (well that's what he said he was doing). He's also just completed shooting Warner Bros' latest offering American Girl (starring Colin Firth among others), a big budget coming of age drama. Apparently the script wasn't as good as LiH....but then he would say that as he's staying with the producer.
posted by Guy de Beaujeu

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